For the Roburna Forest Program
Land acquisition
The first Roburna Forest will be planted in Portugal, starting in 2023. View the exact location on the Map.
Species selection and planting scheduling
The list and ratio of species to be planted is compiled with the help of environmental and horticultural specialists, and will be published on the Roburna Forest website.
Given that the geographical areas in consideration are native to the Oak (Quercus Robur) that stands as Roburna’s symbol, we already know that this species will be included in the list. Why is this significant?
Opening up donations and carbon credit acquisitions
While the initial investments for land acquisition, planning and partial planting will be made directly by Roburna, the program is meant to be open to the public at large, and especially to Roburna investors, both through donations and carbon credit acquisitions. The difference between donations and carbon credit acquisitions is determined based on a tier system:
  • Tiers 1-3 are donations to plant small plots of land - too small to quantify into donation-specific carbon credits. Donors will receive a donation certificate for tax purposes, and a piece of digital art, all linked to an NFT.
  • Tier 4 donations are large enough to incur quantifiable carbon credits. Donors can choose between receiving carbon credits or donation certificates – also in the form of an NFT, with the added gift of a piece of digital art.
Tiers, carbon credits and donation values will be calculated for each planting site, based on the carbon-sequestering potential of the planted species and future ecosystems. All carbon credits amassed from Tiers 1-3 donations will be added up to help make Roburna Blockchain carbon-negative.
Planting (starting in 2023)
Scheduling to be confirmed. Footage of the planting process will be published on the website.
Monitoring and management
To monitor the progress of the new forest, drone footage will be published regularly.
Additionally, donors will have the option of sending out drones to survey the forest whenever they choose, with the help of a unique key and for a small fee. Tier 4 donors will receive coordinates to their specific planted area. The management of the planted area will be more intensive in the first few years, until the new forest has established itself. All forestry activities will be supported by Roburna and its partners.
Rinse and repeat
Once one plot of land has been successfully planted, more plots will be purchased, and the process will be repeated.
Roburna aims to have Forests in many places, including all the areas that house Roburna nodes. So as the Blockchain network grows, so will the Forests.